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Default jpeg saving options

Hi, when I export a jpeg file in the gimp I want the default settings to be quality=85 and progressive off (<-advanced options), but when I press save defaults it doesnt save them next time i want to save a jpeg. Does anyone know how to set jpeg exporting defaults?


It's been reported to developers many times. No one seems to be concerned though. This is where DIY comes into play. You can change default settings for quality in configuration file in your local installation (I believe it's in GIMP's libjpeg jpeg_set_quality function - if you feel comfortable with changing C codes), or use this two plug-ins: save for web or RIOT (with preview and settings not jumping to defaults on exit) (for Windows only)

See - this is about saving the defaults.

Note that there is a exception for the quality if the original image had been saved with better settings, as described in the commit comment of the fix.

Thanks, it's not a bug, I get it now. So this new behavior is intended by developers to protect end-users from losing quality of their JPEGs while exporting .jpg files. The only thing I don't get though - whom is it good for?

I basically see two categories of GIMP users out there.
First is using simple image manipulations such as resize, crop, rotate, etc. All they need is to get it done in time efficient manner with a bunch of shots they took last weekend and upload it on Facebook and likes. Most likely it's a one-time manipulation they'll ever do with any particular image. They don't want (maybe just yet) to go too technical and wrap their heads around GIMP and learn about plugins and scripts that would allow them to accomplish this task in a single batch process.
Second category is somewhat experienced to advanced users. And the first thing they'd learned taking first steps in GIMP was to save images they are planning to work with in future in lossless formats such as XCF. Hence, there is no need for them to save it as jpeg more than once.
Well, all that makes new JPEG quality settings behavior annoying for first and useless for second category of users.

It's just the way I see it. I could be mistaken and missing some important point here. Some changes are not making sense until reasons behind them explained. Thanks again for your reply.

The first user group should not use GIMP for their tasks at all - while it is certainly possible, it is not geared towards their needs in any way, and they have to cope with a lot more technicals details than they might want to, as you have noticed. There are other image editors with different feature sets and target audiences; this fact is known to and acknowledged by the GIMP contributors.

For the second user group, an XCF-backed workflow should be default. But they might have to deal with an occasional JPEG-to-JPEG workflow, maybe to help a friend with some holiday photos (this was one of the examples brought up when the current Save&Export behavior was specified). In this case, exporting the image with the original image settings is a good default, either when overwriting the original or exporting to a new file to preserver both the original and the processed versions.

Partha's unofficial GIMP 2.8.1 release note is referring to this as a bug and a bugfix was taken from gimp git repo. I've read part of the discussion on Old Nabble and Bugzilla with your comments there as well. I am really confused now. Is Partha's statement incorrect? I've tested his build, and jpeg save default settings are changed and couple of known bugs are fixed. Just curious.

Not sure where to start explaining - I think explains it all.

Maybe you could try to paraphrase what you understood from the comments there (comment 2 in particular), and I'll try to explain anything that you might have gotten wrong?

OK, all pieces now fall into place. Somehow missed the line in the commit comment 'Fixed in master and gimp-2-8' at first reading. My bad, sorry.

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