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extensions limited

i have been having this trouble for a couple weeks now with gimp 2.8.

The problem is that all my extensions are gone when i try to save and wont even accept it when i manually put in extensions, the only one i have are gzip extensions and the .xfc to save as not even .jpg . now when i load by extensions it shows all of them so the problem only persists with saving and not loading. i have looked to see if i needed to download them but i have no luck in finding a download or plugin.

I have been trying to make a GIF file and it is irritating, any help will be appreciated, thanks


In GIMP 2.8 to save an image in file formats other than .xcf you have to EXPORT it (File->Export). There you will find all the extensions you need. And instead of Ctrl-S now you use Ctrl-E as a hot-key for saving PNGs, JPGs, GIFs, BMPs, etc.
(Note, you can File->Overwrite your Filename.ext one time, then you just Ctrl-E your further changes, or Shift-Ctrl-E if you want to keep the original image)
That's how GIMP deals with non-native file formats now, it exports them. I know it's kind of annoying when you OPEN (not IMPORT) JPEG file, process it, and then you have to "export" it to save with the same file extension. It's been a hot topic of discussions in the last month or two. The developers figured out it was making sense ....oh, well. Not much of a change or inconvenience, IMO.

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