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HELP!! Concerns GAP! Need to make animation, in a months time.

Hi Gimp guys. This is my 2nd post here.
I'm trying to make an animation short for Animae Caribe this year. I only have one month to do so. I was wondering about this GAP thing. I have a few questions:

1)Most importantly, Does GAP work good now? I have read a few people on Deviant art, who said it gives a bit of problems for them. Especially in the exporting department. Or is this a Win 7 64 bit related problem? He! He!

2) Does GAP work for 2.6.12 and 2.8?

3)I run on Win7 Home Premium 64bit, on my Notebook. I have 2.6.12 and 2.8 which is available at the downloads section at You know,... the Win installer versions. Would GAP work for any of them,....and is there a new GAP
coming out, or will be released for either version, in the not to distant future?

Wow! I asked alot of questions there. Well, I shall wait patiently for an answer. Bye guys.

1. GAP has not been revisited for GIMP 2.8 yet. So yes, it's not working very well in GIMP2.8.
2. Synfig Studio may be your best choice for cartoon animation (if I understood you correctly, that's what you want to do, right?). Synfig is an Open Source Software, so it's free. You can create, render your 2D animation plus add/edit/sync audio files.
3. You don't need GAP. If you had already done some work for your project in GIMP, you need to install GIMP plugin to convert/export your XCFs to SS native .SIF files (just make sure you have Python installed on your 2.6.12 version). Download plugin here:
Place it in plugin folder and you'll find it in -> File-> Export-> Synfig
4. You can find some examples of what Syngfig Studio is capable of on YouTube
5. Couple of things about Synfig, though. It is more complicated than it looks (well, not as complicated as Blender, it's rather easier than GIMP, IMO). Synfig Studio does not support Inkscape native files (SVG), but Inkscape extension ( or can convert them directly to SIFs. It does not have flash/SWF support (if you're planning it as your output video format).
Finally, it's not 100% stable.

Thanks for the reply proximaTori. But does it work good now in 2.6.12?
I have checked out Synfig 2 days ago. I heard it's real good, but still a bit unstable. But I'll check it out today. Thanks.
Hope I can get a reply soon. Bye.

Currently I don't have any 2.6.x on my computers to check it out. Sorry. Last version of 2.6 I used was 2.6.11 about a year ago. Did GAP work well in it? To make a long story short, no, it didn't. Made 2 and a half animations with GAP and finally gave it up. Had issues with video encoding in GAP 2.6 when I was finalizing my animations (despite reported bugfix of 2.4 known issue), trouble with /move path/ and some other manipulations with frames, just to name a few problems. Always had to find a way around. So I switched to alternative software for my animation needs. Things still can be done in current version of GAP but at very low rate of productivity. Which is a kill, IMO.

I don't want to sound as if I'm complaining. After all, GIMP is meant to work with raster images, first and foremost. GAP as animation extension of GIMP capabilities was a great idea, and I can only imagine what enormous amount of work was done to develop it. I do respect that. Although, to my knowledge - GAP has not been under active development in the last 3 years, as a result - it's not well adapted to slightly changed GIMP2.8's API.

However... There is a possibility you'll have no problem with plug-in at all. I'd like to encourage you to try to get some work done for your project in GIMP2.6.12-GAP and tell us all what results you've got. This is how it works here, people try to do something, exchange ideas, share their experience, and thus, make things happen.

Happy gimping!

Thanks again for the info proximaTori. You have a point. GAP has not been in active development for 3 years. I wonder way? GAP is such a cool concept. I'll have to think fast about whether to install GAP or not. Since I only have about a month to finish my Cartoon short. I checked out Synfig tutorials. Cool software, but I don't think I have enough time to learn it and make my cartoon.
As soon as I decide to install GAP, I'll let you guys know how it goes for me. Bye for now, and happy Gimping!

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