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Working with HSL in GIMP


I am trying to invert the lightness of an image using gimp, but I can't find a way do do it. I should say that I am not really familiar with Gimp, but need to use it to work on GIF images.

It seems that Gimp only offers to work on the Value in HSV. So if I tried to invert the Value, a dark red will be converted to a bright red, whereas I would like it to be converted to a light red...

Attached is an example of what I am talking about.

Does someone see a way to achieve this using GIMP ?

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You can try G'MIC (Color)

Thanks for your answer :)

This plugin looks great! And the option to apply the same operation on all layers is really useful. Sadly however, it doesn't seem to handle transparency properly (converted to black or white).
But I'll keep that plugin for future usage :)

- Colors/Components/Decompose and select "HSL" color model
- this produces an image with grayscale layers for the H, S, & L components of the original image
- Colors/Invert on L layer
- Colors/Components/Recompose

Thanks a lot! it worked great :)

Luma invert Script-fu does this. I use it on nearly every photo edit I do (set the result to overlay for a contrast mask effect and for help with faking IRs). :)

Great! I think this is exactly what I was looking for. This script works perfectly, and you can easily repeat it on other layers. Thanks :)

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