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text outline???

I am an absolute newbie to gimp. I am doing my own screen printing for my band. I have used MS office for years to do my design work but I am trying out gimp for the extra design capabilities. What I need to know is how to create text outlines??? In office the outline is just an option of the text tab and you can choose the color, texture, and width. I want an outline around text to make it stand out more on my shirts. Which means I need red text with black outline. 2 different screens(black and red screens). I am also using arclayer to curve the text so just making a second layer with larger text in a different color will not line up. Any Suggestions????

Also is there a Halftone filter or plugin to get that dot matrix cartoon look??? I know Photoshop has one. I have a couple of designs that I want to do but I will need to be able to create some halftones.


You can choose color to alpha from the right-click menu in the layer dialog, then you can select select... Grow... and enter how wide you want the border to be. Create a new layer, move it under the text layer, then fill (bucket tool) the selection and there you have it, a border (change forground color to change the color.)

Outline text plugin would be great - is there one out there?

Putting an outline on text is one in a couple of mouse clicks with standard Gimp. What else would you expect from the plugin?

Text to path then stroke path will get you a pretty good outline. :)

Best way is to use layer effects plugin´s stroke.
That way You have control over stroke´s position (0=inside, 100=outside)
I´m not sure if the official Gimp 2.8 has layer effects included, I use Partha´s build + plugins pack.
If not, download and install the (python gives You live preview)
1. Type your text or whatever You wish to stroke.
2. Right click text layer-> Discard text information.
3. Layer effects->stroke.

If You need another color, duplicate your final design to another layer, after You have arced it. Use layer effects->color overlay. Now You have same design exactly in same position in different color.
Then add the strokes like I mentioned.

Personally I would do things like these in Inkscape. Type text, create circle, put text to path, stroke, duplicate. 10 seconds. And everything stays fully editable & scalable.
Designing belongs to vectors, and pixel manipulation to pixel-editors ;)

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