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Posts not going through

I signed up a few days ago and asked a question about dithering. I started a thread, it went through, and someone made a reply. When I tried to reply back I received a notice that my comment was waiting for approval. Then when I came back later, I had been logged out, and when I tried to log in received a message stating no such account exists. I tried to sign up with same info but got msg stating @live couldn't be used. So I signed up with another email account @hotmail (which was stupid i know) and this could not post at all. Apparently signing up with hotmail/live email accounts is not allowed, which is fine, but I don't see a way to log out and sign up with a gmail account. I am assuming this is the problem. Help?

I guess you could remove any cookies (but make sure that you don't block the domain from setting new ones when doing so).

And it seems like our anti-spam system decided to get rid of users matching its spam criteria now, instead of blocking them.

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