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libtiff3.dll missing

Is anyone getting the error message libtiff3.dll is missing when they try to start 2.8? If I click okay twice GIMP starts up and works just fine. Any suggestions?


You've probably got two third-party plug-ins which link to libtiff3.dll.
The GIMP 2.8 installer from ships both libtiff-3.dll and libtiff-5.dll.

You can create a copy of libtiff-3.dll and renamed the copy to libtiff3.dll. Make sure to write that change down somewhere, though, because the installer will not remove or update the new file.

Wanted to point to point you to seth.killey's blog post: libtiff3.dll missing when using Separate+ plug-in for Gimp 2.8

I'll put his blog post here:

Posted: 6th August 2012 by Seth in Apps

This is more of a note to myself, but if others benefit all the better…

We use Gimp for staff members who need to create CMYK images, but don’t necessarily need full blown Photoshop. There is a nifty little plug-in called Separate+ which allows you to accomplish this feat. When porting over from Gimp 2.6 to 2.8 I got an error after adding the Separate+ files to the plug-ins folder. Basically the error was complaining about libtiff3.dll missing. On another computer using Gimp 2.6 I was able to grab libtiff3.dll and copy it to the GIMP 2\bin folder on the version 2.8 installation to fix the issue. When it was all done I had the following in the plug-ins folder (GIMP 2\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins\):


and in (GIMP 2\bin\)


libtiff3 download

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