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Me need help!

First day with Gimp on Vista x64.
Made some animations, everything works well. I playback the file, everything looks sweet. I've try to indexed it too. I export it as a GIF file, but it wont work when I preview it on explorer. What I am doing wrong,



Can you elaborate on the "it won't work"? Or, maybe even better, can you upload the file as an example?

Its a simple animation file, where I use layers as frames.
I watched this tutorial: its pretty similar. Only my background is back and the text is white. Can it have something to do with layers and stuff??

Thank for you help schumal

You still didn't tell us what's wrong when you play it.

There is nothing wrong when I play the file from gimp> then I save it as a GIF.
Then Iright click > preview the file on Windows Explorer to see the GIF file, and the file its just blank.
What else can I say man.. I dont know.

What you can say:

- whether it works in other navigators (chrome/firefox) or image viewers
- whether you are loading the file off your disk or looking at it from a e page where you uploaded it.

What you can do:
- post the file somewhere so we can look at it (in GIF form, and maybe as XCF).

"Its" working now! hehehe
Thank you very much!

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