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I have a new PC with Win7, i'm going to use my Hanvon AM0806 tablett and Gimp. I can select brushes, select colors but i can't PAINT!!! In corel or Paint is the pen working!!! On XP i don't have any problems with this tablett. Why is it not work on Win7 AND Gimp??? Did anyone have a answer for me?

Ich hab einen neuen PC der mit Win7 läuft, ich will Gimp mit meinem Hanvon AM0806 Grafiktablett.
Ich kann mit dem Stift Pinsel, Farben, Ebenen, etc. auswählen aber nicht damit malen!! In Corel oder Paint funktioniert der Stift, dort kann ich malen!! Auf XP hatte ich mit dem Tablett keine probleme. Warum hab ich probleme mit Win7 UND Gimp?? Hat jemand ein Tip für mich?


Assuming you have already configured your graphic tablet in GIMP (Edit->Preferences->Input Devices), try the next steps
1 Close the GIMP and disconnect your graphic tablet
2 Re-open the GIMP
3 Create a new image or open a file you're going to work on
4 Enter Fullsreen mode from View menu or by pressing F11
5 Plug in your graphic tablet
You should be able to draw now.

Is this pure guessing, or have there been reports that this is supposed to work?

Given that GTK+ has no support for hot-plugging tablets, I wonder how this could work at all.

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