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Targa file extensions! Help?

Hi everyone. I just made the move from a Linux computer using GIMP to a Window's computer using GIMP and I must say the two are a little bit different.

Before getting my new computer I was learning how to work with image layers, and for what I was doing with them, required me saving them in the targa or .tga format.

So, I download GIMP and the option to save files in .tga are not there. Only thing available is XCF. bzip archive file extensions, and gzip archive file extensions.

Are there any plug-ins (I'm guess that's what I need?) to open/save .tga files? I found this and this seems to be the closest that I can find that I need:

Further, is there like a.... I don't know, bundle of a bunch of different file extensions that I can get anywhere to install at one time?

Thanks in advance, and I'm sorry if this is a stupid question. I'm used to Linux just 'working'.


I see. V2.8 saves 'only' the native .xcf format, V2.6 can save in different formats including .tga. No idea why it is not included in v2.8.

2.8 can "export" in as many formats as 2.6 "saves" to. It's a matter of vocabulary. The Gimp authors happen to think that you don't "save" a 25-layers picture to PNG, because when you reload the PNG you don't get your 25 layers back (not speaking of paths, masks and text information in text layers).

This is a change introduced by 2.8, not Windows. You are now forced to Export to non-GIMP native file formats:

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