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Installing Brushes In GIMP 2.8

I have downloaded GIMP 2.8 but it wont let me install any brushes.I have tried to add them like i did when i had 2.6 but it wont work.I have closed and reopened GIMP to see if that would make a difference but still nothing.Can someone please help me?


your UserNameFolder/.gimp-2.8/brushes folder. Just like before.
Restart Gimp or click on the double arrow refresh button at the bottom of the brushes dialog to see the new brushes you installed.

You also need to be sure they are the correct extension.
Most of Adobe brush files work but not all - ABR
GIH - Gimp image hose or animated brush
GBR - Gimp brush

Be sure you aren't placing any other format or extension in the brushes folder.
Also be sure you aren't placing any folders inside the brush folder.


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