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BIMP. Batch Image Manipulation Plugin.

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BIMP is a graphical batch plugin to apply a set of GIMP manipulations on groups of images.
You can use predefined manipulations like resize, crop, flip, rotate, color correction, sharpen, watermark, format conversion, rename, but you can also select other installed plugins or script-fu and apply them to each image.

Windows version and source code for Linux/Mac systems:

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GIMP Version: 
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Ciao! ;)
Can you explain better what kind of crashes did you encounter? In which moment? Operative system?

Regarding a drop-down list: I'm working on the best method to show only those procedure that are compatible with BIMP, but it takes more time than expected for various reasons (firstly, the program needs to analyze every single procedure and this is not so good in my opinion).

A "Save current settings", instead, is a cool feature. I'll post it to GitHub and I'll work on it when I'll have some time ;)

By the way, the next 0.3 version is coming in next days, let me know about those crashes and I'll try to fix them before the release.


today I downloaded this awesome plugin (version 0.4). It's really one of the best plugins I know so far. I can confirm that the plugin crashes on a win 7 64 bit / Gimp 2.8 system when I try to add a second procedure (both located under 'other GIMP procedure...' [procedures: gimp-levels-auto / gimp-hue-saturation] ). Would be very nice to have a solution for this...

I tried another one and here are the results:
I used the following procedures and it worked:

But if I try to add gimp-levels-auto it fails.... hope that's helpful. I think there are other incompatible procedures at the moment.

Just for clarification: if you use gimp-levels-auto as the only procedure it will work. It only throws an exception in combination with other procedures.

I also encountered another problem:
I wanted to set different values for different colors in the procedure gimp-hue-saturation so I tried to add the same function twice (with different parameters) but it failed.


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