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BIMP. Batch Image Manipulation Plugin.

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BIMP is a graphical batch plugin to apply a set of GIMP manipulations on groups of images.
You can use predefined manipulations like resize, crop, flip, rotate, color correction, sharpen, watermark, format conversion, rename, but you can also select other installed plugins or script-fu and apply them to each image.

Windows version and source code for Linux/Mac systems:

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GIMP Version: 
Code License: 


A new version has been uploaded:

Version 0.5:
- Rewritten the "Other GIMP procedure..." dialog and made some stability fixes
- More format customizations in "Change Format and Quality"
- Fixed a bug that didn't permit to save images in TGA format
- Few graphical fixes around

It would be great if someone could test the Windows version, in particular the new "Other GIMP Procedure" dialog

Great plugin, the interface is clean and the possibility to use scripts is a very usefull feature. Moreover it seems to work well with gimp 2.8.

There are several problem with the last version

I try and add images or directories and it doesn't show any image files to choose just folders.
When i open a folder full of images it shows nothing in the dialog.
Am i missing a DLL file or something from the windows download?


Probably a missing Gtk's DLL for Windows, but I can't investigate more because I can't reproduce this problem.
I posted some thoughts here

Hello. Thanks for this plugin!
I have a request. Could you add an option to choose the dpi resolution in the resize dialog?
It could be an option to directly choose the desired resolution, and another to normalize or unify the resolution taking the highest resolution among all the images.
In the next thread I explain where it might be useful:

That was simple and useful ;)
For now, I added an option to specify a new resolution for all the images. The secondary feature that takes the highest is "pending". I will assess it in the coming days.

Version 0.3 is out, guys.

That was fast!
Thank you very much!

Grazie mille for this good plugin
However, I think not having much luck testing several procedures with the option "Other GIMP procedure", because I had some crashes.
Should be added, in addition to the button, a drop-down list with the names of plugins and script-fu really compatible and recommended (or better yet the names that appear in the menu of Gimp).

As I said earlier, this is a good plugin. I recommend it to all basic and repetitive operations.
Another point, it would be also nice to save the "batch" in a file. If I'm not mistaken, it's not possible with BIMP.

Ciao! ;)
Can you explain better what kind of crashes did you encounter? In which moment? Operative system?

Regarding a drop-down list: I'm working on the best method to show only those procedure that are compatible with BIMP, but it takes more time than expected for various reasons (firstly, the program needs to analyze every single procedure and this is not so good in my opinion).

A "Save current settings", instead, is a cool feature. I'll post it to GitHub and I'll work on it when I'll have some time ;)

By the way, the next 0.3 version is coming in next days, let me know about those crashes and I'll try to fix them before the release.


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