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Need to turn my png into a .eps file

Hi, I'm designing hoodies for a college computing society and the printing and embroidery company want the logo as an EPS file and the embroidered part as a DST file. Is there a gimp plug in that can help me do this? Where can I get it from. seems to be down...
Also what does the phrase 'all text as curves' mean?

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No gimp is not the tool for the trade For try to convert png in EPS you should use Inkscape (or illustrator ) but convert bitmap graphic in vector is no so too rewarding will be better work directly in vector graphic (you may import png in inkscape, try Trace Bitmap" and cross the fingers...) no idea for DTS files

Microsoft digital imaging software will convert a PNG to EPS format.

is free open source and converts png to eps format.
Open your png in Inkscape - go to File>Save as> select eps from the drop down menu.
No need to pay for the other software that do the same thing.


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