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Embroidery plugin to use for commercial purpose


I am form commercial embroidery company. We are right now using Adobe products as well as wilcom

We want to shift to opensource, i have few questions

1. Can this software help us to convert files to vector and separate colors same as we do in AI
2. Is any plugins which can combine with this and can be used to digitize the files, you can see file format examples in my website like DST etc

Your help will be appreciated!

Inkscape (open source software for vector graphics) would be better suited IMHO.

It would be cool if some Inkscape guru ports a thread extension to help in creating these. There is a GIMP Script-fu that has limited ability to create cross stitching charts by the way; may be limited, but it is cool. :)

Ofnuts and lylejkNew, Thanks for replying. I have tried it for vector and results lookd great. Can it separate colors also or i need extra plugin, i mean color separations.

I tried GIMP Script-fu, its not what i am looking for, may be i should ask question in GIMP Script-fu thread.

Open the image in Gimp and create an indexed image (Image>Mode>Indexed), with as few colors as possible.
Save the png image
Open the png in Inkscape
Go to Path>Trace Bitmap and select colors and click preview (update).
Select stack scans
In the drop down for scans type however many colors you have.
Click preview again.
When you are happy with the results select ok and Inkscape creates a SVG on top of the png.
Just move it over to the side and delete the png image.
Now you should have a layered svg with few colors.All colors in separate layers.
You will end up with something like this image indexed to 8 colors and traced to 4


-- "It would be cool if some Inkscape guru ports a thread extension to help in creating these."


Cools stuff; thanks for the link Saul. My motivation's more on the simulation of tapestries, but to actually create output for use with stitching devices is cool. :)

I found the extension under Extensions>Render>Embroider
I tried to run the extension with the defaults and got a trace back error to shapely module.
So i added that module from here
Python2.7 and restarted Inkscape
I still get the error

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "", line 25, in

import shapely.geometry as shgeo

ImportError: No module named shapely.geometry

This is line #25 in the python script

import shapely.geometry as shgeo

Anyone know how to fix this?

EDIT Update -
All files seem to be present in \Lib\site-packages\shapely\geometry

Still get the trace back error..

-Rod looks great, i will try with some complex designs.

Yet another cool opensource program that I ran across the other day and did play with it some. You might find some use for it. :)

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