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PSPI not working with 2.8 - Photoshop Plug-ins unavailable

Here I am again. I enter location of Photoshop Plug-ins in "Photoshop Plug-in Setting" and restart GIMP 2.8. The location disappears upon restart and Photoshop plug-ins are not listed. pspi is resident in my plug-in directory.


There is an issue with user filter and PSPI. If the user filter path occurs before PSPI path in your gimprc file, then PSPI will not show your plugins. Vice Versa, the User Filter will work, but you have to point to the guf files in order to see your user filter presets. I posted this several places including bugzilla, but it doesn't look promising that it will ever get patched. Best to just delete your user filter entry in your gimprc file (located in your user profile) and PSPI will work as you know it. :)

Solved the problem by adding to end of gimpprc file the following:

(pspi-path "c:\\photoshop")

Of course the address is mine but you can change it to whatever yours is.

If I did this, then PSPI won't work, but user filter paths will be saved. Placing user filter path at end of the file doesn the opposite, but at least the user file will work after you point to the guf files each time you use the filter. That's the bug. Your solution may appear to work until you install the user filter. :)

This issue was finally resolved since the release of 2.8.2. :)

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