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Script-fu behavior that has changed since 2.6 -> 2.8?

I found one.

GIMP 2.8 now includes colormaps of any indexed images at the top of the Palettes dialog's list. This means that the Script-fu function (gimp-palettes-get-list) will include said colormaps in its return value; moreso, just about all Script-fu functions that deal with palettes can now access indexed colormaps.

I have an old script that I can make take advantage of this ... the flipside being that I now have to make the script check whether or not it's actually being run on GIMP 2.8 .

Another one: (gimp-image-get-name)

In 2.6, (gimp-image-get-name) returns the active image's filename (minus path) regardless of what file format it was saved/loaded from.

In 2.8, it returns the filename only if the file has been saved/loaded from an XCF; non-native formats now return "Untitled". (gimp-image-get-uri) can be used instead, just be aware that it returns the fullpath.

This . . . also affects the script I'm trying to update. But negatively. Whee.

FYI: I recently created a GIMP version detection function, so I could make my scripts work in both GIMP 2.6 and 2.8. I can post that script if you think it would be helpful to people. (I have it inside another script, and haven't taken the time to put it in its own scm file yet, but I can do that first.)

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