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Notifications via e-mail turned OFF


I have turned off notifications via e-mail, because it has caused the registry to be listed as a spam site, due to all the notifications being sent out, many of them of the recipients who never wanted them, but whose addresses got used by spammers for registration on the site.

I'm sorry to have to turn this off, but according to a recent poll, the number of people actually using this feature is fairly small, and the adverse effects are big, so I felt this was the best choice.

For a replacement, please see the new Stay Updated! page.



Ok, so now the one tool I used to fight spam on the site has now been removed from my arsenal.

Regular users will now have to offer more spam reporting input or the spam content will get out of control.

Also, the preview option before submitting a comment (save) is turned back on, can you please fix this. I don't need to preview my comments in order to publish them.

The same information you got via notifications should be available to you via the comment rss, or is there a problem with that?

As I said, I regret having to turn this off, but you have to realize that exactly the spam you're trying to catch was sent via e-mail to every user who signed up for notifications, before you even had a chance to remove anything.

Apart from that, the situation has gotten so bad that the registry was reported for spamming, causing the the registration e-mails to bounce. I cannot allow that.

Regarding previews: Previews should only be turned on for some content types, such as pages. This post is such a page. They are not turned on for plugins and other regular content.

I'll give that a whirl. I didn't realize the emails I was getting was spam itself, I did use them to remove the spam. I guess I should have paid more attention to where they were coming from, rather than just the content of them.

I realized that about preview AFTER sending the comment and testing on another content message. Just been too busy to come back and edit, but I have been watching emails for spam. I'll use RSS now and keep watch.

Well, if there is a spam comment, then it gets sent by e-mail to every user who has enabled notifications, at the same time that you get the e-mail. So part of the damage is already done by the time you get around to removing it. Its not on the site anymore, but it was already sent around.

My DOF was so honed in on the spam, I didn't think about the spam email being spam itself.

Irony, I know, but... I am now awake. :)

Is there still such kind of issues? Because a friend of mine that just registered can't get the confirmation e-mail, not even in spam folder (which is really strange.)

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