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Place numbers in 500 images

I have a single image that I would put a number on going from 001 through 500, so that I end up with 500 jpegs with the numbers 001 through 500 on them. What's the best/easiest approach to this task?

I'm rather new to Gimp but think that I can get the job done. I just need somebody to tell me which way to solve it. I thought of creating 500 layers with the numbers 001 through 500 with some kind of script and another script to combine each layer with the single image. Maybe it's possible to skip the layer part and just create a script that combine the single image with a textfile holding the 500 numbers.

Can anybody point me in the right direction. Maybe it's not even Gimp that I should use?

Kent Knudsen


Here is a script that implements what I interpret your task to be.

You should create a text layer on your image that contains the text for a single frame in the size, font, and location that you want your frame numbers to appear. It does not matter which particular frame number is used, but it should contain the appropriate number of leading zeros. For example, any of 001, 500, or 027 will produce the same result, while using 0001 would produce four digit frame numbers (instead of three).

Thank you very much. I'll have a swing at the Script-fu and I'll let you know my outcome. I also tried the Convert command and that was a success.

Kent Knudsen

Yes, the best tool for this would be ImageMagick, but since SaulGoode as a script...

IM is otherwise a much more lightweight solution, so if you must do this often it would still be a better choice in the long run.

It worked. I had a shot at it with the convert command (as part of ImageMagick) - and it went well. Easy and quick, so thanks for the tip!

I'll still have a second shot at the Script-Fu by SaulGoode as I have to learn scripting in Gimp.

Thanks again
Kent Knudsen

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