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Any plug-in for making z-depth map in GIMP 2.6.11?

Hi all there,
I'm trying out Focus Blur plug-in, which requires z-depth map to make shallow depth of field. So I ask for any plug-in for GIMP v2.6.x that creates z-depth from ONE picture. Like DOF PRO for PS, but adjusted for GIMP users...
Anyone know it?

Thank you for feedback, regular GIMPer

Tom created a cool set of G'MIC tools that can be used to create depthmaps which could be applied for this purpose. Check the link below. :)

Thank you for post right, I'm looking for, how to implement it into G'MIC...

Tom's preset does have an option to create just the depth map. That then can be used as the target which focus blur requires I believe (may need to invert the map; not sure of course; haven't used focus blur in years (and only may twice since I downloaded it at that time)). :)

You have no need to invert the map, it will have just inverted depth control, adjust will rescue it ;)

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