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Editing image


Please help me, not sure if it can be done or not. Please see the attached image. I only want to keep the transparency and remove the other things that are showing up.

Can this be achieved using GIMP?


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Color selection tool (shift+o) then click on the transparency part. However there is another way if you want to keep transparency values. There is a tap for channels.
There are manny ways of using this.

1.In the channels tap right click on the alpha channel and choose from selection, this selection contains all alpha values. however you have to coose colors->invert to use it the same way on a normal image. with that selection choose a layer an just press delete.

2.You could right click on the layer of an image and choose add layer mask, then choose from channel. You can modiy that mask now if you like or erase the rest of the layer and copy it to use it elswhere.

Remember that other images may not have an alpha channel, than you have to add it by right click on the layer and choose add alpha channel.

That sounds difficult, but it is very easy. Just try.


Thank you so much for the prompt response. I am new to GIMP and would need a little more guidance. Would I have to perform both the steps or are the 2 points different ways to do it.

I am using GIMP 2.6.11. When I right click "alpha" under channels but dont see option 'choose from selection". Am I missing something?

It were two different ways...

I have a german version of gimp so I have a lot to guess how the buttons ar called in english...
If you really want to have artistic help use or
forums they do such things, I guess. The plugin registry is for plugin programs for gimp only. You'll find new filters and enhancements for gimp here.

Well it seems you got ist already. Transparent part seems to be selected... the 'channel to selection' is the correct option.

Ok... I made a little mistake forget that invert thing it you need to choose 'select->invert' in the top menu bar then to inbvrt your selection. (sorry)

What you need to do depents on what you want to do....
if you just want to recolor just select the 'lock alpha' button a little top of the layers menu. this means you can't overpaint alphaed (transparent) areas.

Or (another way) , just right click on the layer and select add layer mask and choose to create it from alpha. don't forget to click on the first image in the layer tab then to paint. the second is the mask of gray values that determines the grey values.

Finally figured it out, removed alpha channel, used color picker, painted it plain to make it uniform, then used transparency->color to alpha.

Thank you so much for your guidance.

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