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I'm new to this forum so i don't know where I should put this topic..


I'm rather used with using GIMP for a while now, I make a lot of gifs lately but about the subject I'm making gifs is the problem that there aren't any good quelity videos yet.. a lot of friends I know that have windows or MAC os use Topaz Labs to enhance the quality (and admit that it does quite a good job).

Now I have been searching the registry for a few days already if there is some alternative plugin because i'm a Linux user so i can't install the real deal.. I already tried pspi but I can't seem to understand it..

The far most plug-in I'm searching for is one that can make more frames at one a lot more cleaner (for example cleaning stripes when you have recorded something from your television). 

Does anybody know a gimp plug-in that can give some similar effects like this?



First of all you can request the filter / plugin here.

Second ..I don't know if GMIC can offer a batch procedure but you can try for the first frame a specific setup then
you can use just repeat GMIC ..

check GMIC > Enhancements

GMIC is here

btw - you have to check if RawTherapee, Photivo or Dartable introduced batch processing

you may like Phatch

or converseen

for sure gmic, in the command line version could be used for batch
but also the plugin version allow sort of batch: you may apply the same command to all layers

Anyway i will simply save the animation in flash format (.swf) instead than as gif, smaller file for big images and better quality

also even if you enhance the quality of a gif,(and to do first you must convert the image mode from "index" to "rgb") most likely all enhancement will get lost when reverting back to index mode, the only supported by gif

in the registry there is a Export as swf (flash) python script

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