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brushes as layers

I am a rpg gamer and use gimp to make my maps. I am looking for something that will allow me to place a brush on my map and the just placed brush will become its own layer. At this point in time I do not understand how to write the script:fu but I plan on learning at sometime in the near future. If it can be done could someone point me to a script that will work for me or to some one that can make one for me or teach me how to make my own I would appreciate it greatly.

I just checked, you can import gbr and gih brushes pretty easily. File>Open as Layers, then browse to your brushes folder and pick one. 4 or 5 clicks, but pretty simple. What are you needing to add? A watermark, compass rose, trees?

this is a link for my favorite on line map maker. I would like placing brushes to be similar to how this map maker is. It is quick simple and only ONE click and you can then move, turn, flip, or do any crazy thing you wish to an object that has just been placed or placed in the past with out messing with any thing else on the map. The reason I would like to do it this way is purely convenience so I don't have to go through long lengthy steps you described when I am making a mountain rang, making a town, or placing a forest full of trees. I know this will make a lot of layers but remember once I get things the way I like I can always merge layers.

I advise Tiled Qt (, an excellent map editor. In addition, it is free!

You can manage multiple layers, the size of the tiles, the size of yours maps, import multiple tilesets for each map. It even manages the isometry for those who are interested. You can export maps in several file formats. It is in English and in several languages ​​(including French :) ).

I don't thing a simple gimp script could do this.
That looks intersting...
What is this dungeon painter for? Are there any computer games that use such maps? Or are they it for pen&paper games?

I Play on line using Fantasy Grounds II and I need maps for the world I have been working on.

Brushes can be used as "stamps" but there is nothing I know of in gimp that would let every "click" with a brush be on a new layer.

This is more typical behaviour in a vector program, like Inkscape.

You might get more suggestion over at (full disclosure, I am a co-admin there)

-Rob A>

You can drag a brush -- from either the Brushes Dialog or from the active brush widget in the Toolbox -- and drop it on your image window to create a new layer from the brush.

right click any brush in your brush dialog window and open it as an image.


Tried that already. for some reason some of the major brushes that I use have this black background on them but when I go to edit them there is nothing there.

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