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Brushes - How many is too many


I am new to this group and I am in need of assistance. I create all kinds of things....and I love my brushes. However, when I hit the 3,700 mark gimp quit working.

Is there a limit on how many brushes you can download into gimp? If so...what is an easier way for me to be able to access all of them, just maybe not at the same time?

Thanks so much,



There's a memory limit - in current GIMP versions, all resources (patterns, brushes, gradients) are loaded into memory when GIMP is started. Obviously, this will cause problems if you exceed a certain limit.

You can store brushes in different folders and only add the ones you need in the preferences - there's a plug-in that makes this kind of resource management easy:

There has been some preliminary work to address this in GIMP directly, but there are still some issues to address in the approach - see for more details. This would be a task for someone who is interested in contributing to the infrastructure (i.e. not image-processing-related) parts of GIMP.

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