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Problem with layers

My layers worked great ( I installed gimp about 5day ago - system reinstalled ) and about two days ago it started, or stoped? Well, since then, I can´t add new layers throught "layer dock", see it there, delete it (buttons are greyish, unclickable) I haven´t changed a thing in settings and even tried to reinstall gimp, restart system, create new .xcf and load older .xcf files which had more layers. Every time same result, I can´t acces or cahnge my layers. Can anyone help? Thanks

Edit: maybe i should have wrote I run it on Win7, sorry I try to discuss that problem on several pages and i tend to forgot things like that, but I never had problem like this, any problem with gimp , frankly said..


Seems like you've disabled the auto-follow mode of the layers dock.

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