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GREYCstoration was a noise reduction plug-in for GIMP, based on the technique of anisotropic diffusion partial differential equations.

GREYCstoration has been discontinued, and is now replaced by the G'MIC project, which contains all the former GREYCstoration features, but also much much much more !

GREYCstoration-2.6_gimp.zip353.3 KB
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Thank you! I will check there! EnoMetis

I tried it on various images, scans and poorly compressed jpegs. It did a wonderful job of cleaning them up and restored their usability. Many thanks.. =)

Wow, that is a surprisingly effective de-noising algorithm! It does take about half a minute to run on a 3megapixel image, but the result is quite nice. I didn't test it thoroughly, but it also appears to preserve detail relatively well. Could you provide a copy of the archive in the registry?

Would love to use it,but will not show up in list in gimp.
it's an exe.

Right, it's an .exe = plug-in. Not a double click executable, like an application .exe file.

Which are you wanting to install, GreyC or G'MIC? Because there are different methods to installing, specifically with plug-ins that have their own library files (.dll files).

I believe G'MIC has an installer version (double click executable) of the plug-in for Windows (but I prefer the manual version, where I simply extract it anywhere I choose to, then in GIMP's (Edit - Preferences - Folders - Plug-ins) I create a new pointer to the location I extracted G'MIC.

Example for manually installing G'MIC and then creating a pointer in GIMP (note: you can't do this with the installer version of G'MIC):


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