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Can't Edit Image anymore

I was working on a file with the end result being to merge the layers.

After I merged the layers and saved to file to .xcf format, I can no long make any more edits to that image.

I have worked on other images and all the tools work on those images, but when I try to do something to this image the undo history gets updated like I did something but nothing ever happens to the image itself.

What happened and how to regain the ability to edit this image?

Thank you.


Why did you merge layers and then save to the XCF format? That format is supposed to keep all layers intact.

Some cases of apparent unresponsiveness of GIMP are listed at

I merged the layers because I was building a composite of a cloud. It was four copies of a cloud image flipped and turned to create a larger cloud. I used smudge to blend in the edges and the final step was to use the IWarp to make adjustments to the overall shape. Then as a single layer it was going to be combined into another set of layers to create a book cover.

I'd suggest (in the future) using New From Visible and then iwarping that new layer. This keeps the source layers intact in case you need to go back and change something.

-Rob A>

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