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Login invalid

I had created a login and uploaded a plugin [1].
Now I am unable to login. The login doesn't seem to exist any more.

And the plug-in says "Anonymous" :(
I've mailed the admin. What should I do?



Is it possible that the registry deleted the login somehow?
Will re-creating the login fix things?

ok so i recreated this account...
is it possible to map this account to the plugin that was submitted earlier?

Mollum, apparently, doesn't like new members posting email links or URLs in their posts. It appears that every time someone has log in issues, its due to the fact their first posting has links of one nature or another and Mollum has treated them as spammers, half-way blocking the account. I have no control of what Mollum decides. But I have suggested to other users with this same issue, to avoid posting URLs in their first few posts/comments. It could be the security setting in Mollum is set to highest. This is something Ingo or perhaps, Michael, will need to address.

The Mollom module doesn't delete accounts, though.

wow! :) the plugin now points to my account!
A bunch of thanks to whoever did this! :)

A week of soft mourning has come to an end... :)

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