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How To Reshape PART of an Image?

Okay, I'm a rookie at this so I don't know the terms or how to explain what I am trying to do. I don't even know if Gimp can do what I am wanting to do.

I have an image of a person wearing a loose gown, I want to pull it in tighter to the body at certain points and add some additional detail between those two points across the body. I am not looking to reshape the background, just the person in the image.

I have seen programs that can grab certain parts of an image and reshape it. Does Gimp, or one of its plugins do this?

If yes, where do I go to learn more about doing this?

If no, is there another program that would do this?

Thank you.


That will work for you i believe.

The link you provided is to the documentation for Iwarp and I don't see any links on that page to the actual IWarp Plugin.

I have searched the site and don't see the actual IWarp plugin.

Where is it?

Filters/Distort/Iwarp in the GIMP menus

Okay, I found it.

The term "Plugin" means a small applet that is plugged into the main program as an after thought. It is not supposed to be part of the main program.

Thank you.

GIMP has always included a few plugins that ship with GIMP at install; same for PS. Still, they are plugins and not part of the engine of GIMP itself. :)

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