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Is this forum broken? Have I been banned?

I joined this forum ... no problem. Logged in, read things, even asked a question in the forum to which I received an answer. But ever since that question received an answer, I can no longer respond to that or any other post. I also tried creating a similar thread to this one on the help topic, but it never showed there. I receive error messages at the top of the forum screen, telling me that my response triggered the spam filter. This has happened three times today. What the heck is going on ... ???

I just tried responding to a post again. This time I did not enable the rich text editor, figuring perhaps that's where the problem is. But again I received this error ...

Your submission has triggered the spam filter and will not be accepted.

I don't see any indication you have been banned or the forum being broken. You've manage to post this, so I would think its working, at this point. I checked your user status and its not blocked. Try clearing your browser cache.

If anyone else has any other suggestions, please chime in.

Sounds a lot like an intermittent Internet connection. Check your connections and reset your router and modem, (if you can assuming your not at home or at your office), then try again. Check back after that. If you have extensions for you browser check those. Sometimes they can cause conflicts such as these.

The user account is not blocked, but your comments are classified as spam by Mollom (

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