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gimp malfunctioning

i recently had gimp installed on windows 7 it worked fine for awhile then all of a sudden it just stopped working altogether then i deleted everything far as gimp and reinstalled just adding my plugins and brushes patterns and gradients it has now stopped working again help please what is going on with gimp i also have the pspi plugin installed


I've had the same issue. Not sure what the issue is. I already complained about it to the wrong folk. lol

I tolerate it. I did notice that it happens the most when my email notifier program (runs in the background telling me that I have new mail in any of 4 different email names that I use) goes off. It's definitely not the only thing, but it pretty much tells me it's an interupt issue. I upgraded to SP1 today (they just released Win7 SP1 today) and so far so good with GIMP. Don't think it is really fixed though. Hopefully GIMP 2.8 will fix this issue as well as all the issues that 2.6x 64-bit has (reason I'm still using GIMp 2.6x 32-bit). I do look forward to a 64-bit native GIMP that's both stable and better compatibility with the various GIMP plugins that I enjoy using (such as Filter Factory convertor for instance; no compile that I am aware of for 64-bit GIMP). :)

I am having problems with Gimp in windows 7.These problems seem to arise when I use certain tools and/or filters etc.One exampl is desaturate.When I select desaturate,GIMP stops working and shuts down.This does not happen when I run GIMP in compatibility mode for Windows XP srv.Pack 2.Should I be installing gimp in the 32 bit programs folder instead of the folder labeled (x86)Program files??? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

Well,since no one else has replied with a fix,I have had some sucess by doing the following.Right ckick on your GIMP icon on your desktop and click troubleshoot compatibility.A wizard will start and it will analyze the issue.Then click next.Then,when the utility asks if you want to save the new settings,click yes.This solves the functioning problems but I notice that it does not use my dark theme that I have installed.However,Gimp functions perfectly.I will continue to work on this issue and I will post whatever further solutions I find.In the meantime I am still waiting on someone from the Gimp team to respond with their solution as Im sure Im not the only one having these issues.

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