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An auto-crop script as default setting in Gimp preferences?

Hello everyone. Decided to join this wonderful site after finally learning enough about Gimp to be able to shed all of my previous image applications. There is however one thing that I find personally quite annoying since I frequently work with over 100 photos, many of which require a little individual finesse here and there, meaning that I can't simply use a batch job on all of them at once. Searching this site revealed that other people have this issue as well but I couldn't find an actual solution.

Does anyone know of a permanent auto-crop solution that can be used from the time that Gimp is opened up on the screen? Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro both had settings which could be enabled or disabled, causing a freshly resized or zoomed image to be automatically cropped to the window border that contained the image.

I'm wasting literally hours of time (talking about thousands of photos) having to constantly auto-crop images that I'm working on. Even worse, if an image that I'm working on is larger than my desktop the first auto-crop usually won't work, displaying a huge fat grey area under the image which then causes me to have to auto-crop yet a second time. I'm honestly surprised that cropping with Gimp functions as it does since that method is (IMO) really not very practical at all. Is there a script that anyone knows of which would permanently & automatically cause for images to be cropped after zooming/sizing?Is it possible to ask someone here to create custom scripts?Any help to accomplish this goal would be sincerely appreciated.

written by Ofnuts
I use this a lot for my animations.Moving layer content easily and so forth.

You have to have Python-fu installed if you run Windows. I suppose a script could be written in SCM for this also but i know of none out there.
You will find the filter in Image>Auto crop linked layers after you place the python file in your plug-ins folder.

Other than that script there is no other way to mass auto crop Gimps layers for an entire session.
Not that i know of any ways.


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