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a quick and simple script request

what I have is a whole bunch of this in a .bmp:

And what I need is to

select the right half (some pictures are different sizes)
invert the colors
copy it
invert the selection
crop it
create a layer mask
past it
and save as a .png

I have no clue what to look for as far as a script to do this, are there any scripts that could do this (or part of this?)

As usuall, I recommend in such cases to use imagemagick (

And BTW I dont fully understand you algorithm, but it doesnt not matter. You would need to redefine it for imagemagick.

Alternativelly, just use python (but some basic knowledge would be needed) and try to process images pixel by pixel. You are not doing any blurring so every pixel can be processed independently of others, and that would be easy. And even algorithm could be much simpified (though as I said I dont understand fully what you need)

I wish I knew script-fu cuz that would help me out too. Relatively easy procedure to follow. I would recommend going to to see if you can get some help. More active and more scriptwriters there.

Try the following script:

It adds a new command under "Filters->Misc" which (hopefully) does what you want. All .bmp files in the specified directory will be processed and saved as .png files.

OH THATS why i missed it! comments go up here instead of down! thank you saulgoode

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