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I have GIMP 2.6.11 on Windows Vista. Whenever I select Help from the menu, I get an error message saying:
“The GIMP help browser plug-in appears to be missing from your installation.”
But I have installed it! I installed gimp-help-2-2.6.0-sv-setup.exe from

Actually, I’ve installed it more than once, in fact, assigning different locations to see if that would make a difference (it doesn’t.)
Where does it go, & why doesn’t function from within the program?


from here

Install into the Gimp-2.0 directory in Program Files.
This is usually the installer default. If that doesn't work the files must go in the \GIMP-2.0\share\gimp\2.0 directory.

Download the gimp-2.6.10 help-browser.exe plugin and html dll here.
Install these two files according to the directions.
Now restart Gimp and go to Edit>Preferences>Help System
Make sure use installed manual is checked, and use help browser also is checked and click ok.
Close and restart Gimp-2.6.11


To clear things up, the Web Browser option will work with the local files you've already installed. It seems to me according to the official gimp-win page that there is no browser included in the GIMP help installation for Windows so you have to choose 'Use Web Browser'. A direct quote from the horses mouth:
Note: GIMP 2.6 on Windows does not include the Help Browser plug-in, instead your web browser is used to display the help. You may need to go to GIMP's Preferences, click on "Help System" and select "Web browser" under "Help Browser". ---

Download the gimp-2.6.10 help-browser.exe plugin and html dll here.
That way when you select F1 or help>help in the Gimp menus you will see this dialog pop up. :)


Hy Rod i was already going to ask you and this post refreshed my memory

i had successfully installed the help browser in gimp 2.7 (from partha) but now i forgot how i did i just remember i had to find several dll

Just i was wondering if you did the same and if you have better memory then me

It was not too hard only a bit boring (missing dll are reported 1 at time, you fix that, you must reload gimp to refresh the plugin and then another message come about a different dll.. and again and again ...)

I didn't want the browser you linked to but thanks anyhow. My comment was made to clear up any confusion that your post did not address.

I repeat that there is no official help browser for windows to this date --30-Jan-2012-- and I wanted to clarify that one is not included in the official help files. The user can choose to use their default web browser to view the local help files, the files that are on their computer so that they don't have to connect to a website to view the help files that are included in the help installation files. They can change the browser via their GIMP--Edit>Preferences and selecting Help System and then Use Web Browser from the drop down or alternatively by clicking the 'Use Web Browser' button when the applet warns no help browser is installed.

I installed GIMP awhile after I had downloaded it, the help installation files as well. I did not recall a note that stated no help browser was included in the help installation so when I clicked help I encountered the same problem as the original poster here did. I clicked help, an applet popped up and informed me that the help browser appeared to be missing. The key word for me was appeared which in my english --American-- means maybe it is maybe it's not. I reinstalled because initially I felt uncomfortable opting to use my web browser. It was a brief moment of discomfort because I came to realize it was accessing the local files I had on my computer and did not have to go online. I realized this after I discovered this post and decided others might be more comfortable using their web browser than taking a chance on the exe you want them to use. I want them to enjoy their GIMP experience. This is what worked for me and I was hoping it might help someone else here too.

If by hitting 'reply' under Rod's comment it seemed I was missing something then I apologize for that confusion. This was an attempt to clarify an easy misunderstanding that the original poster could have had like I did.

Thanks Rod, thanks in general for all of the contributions that you've made here. You're a major part of what makes this community communal.

rhetoricmonkey i hope i didn't come off as too rash i didn't mean to. :)

PC ( i posted this at Gimp Chat also)

Directions to install HELP browser into Gimp-2.7.5 Portable (Parthas version) I am assuming this will work for the installed version of Gimp-2.7 as well just place the execute help file into the USER/.gimp-2.7/plug-ins folder instead.
Everything else should be the same.

This is assuming you have Gimp-2.6.11 installed and you have installed the latest help files into it.

Setting up help for Gimp-2.7 (Parthas Portable)
Download the files for help browser that MareroQ provided.

You need these dll files from Gimp-2.6.11 bin folder.Copy them to the Gimp-2.7/bin folder.

Copy the entire help folder from gimp-2.0/share/gimp/2.0/ folder to the Gimp-2.7/share/gimp/2.0 folder

Copy the libgtkhtml-2.0.dll to the Gimp-2.7/bin folder.
Copy the help.exe file to your gimp-2.7.4/.gimp-2.7/plug-ins folder (this is the USER add on resources plug-ins folder)

Restart Gimp-2.7 (i used Parthas portable version)
Go to Edit>Preferences>Help System, and set it up as i shown in the earlier post.

Everything should already be set for you as Gimp will recognize it has the files.
Go to Help>Help and there you go. :)

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