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How can I modify the measures of a picture?

My picture is 665*230 pixels. She represents an aircraft. The lenght of this aircraft is 26' 8" or 812.8 cm.

The rule indicate 665 (pixels).

I don't want to modify the scale of the picture.

How could I modify the rules to have 26'8" or 27' in place of 665?

Thank you for your help.

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Look down at the bottom right hand corner of the gimp screen. You will see a little box with "px" in it and next to it an arrow. Click it, inside the menu (you may have to scroll) you will find inches, cm and feet. If something seems off after this reply here.

Thank you for your answer.

I think it only change the type of mesure. In this case, I can change px to ft. But I don't obtain 27" in place of 665. I have 0.1836"

You have to change the dpi. Go to image >scale image and adjust the px to ft. Than adjust the dpi until it becomes 27". This will be a huge file. You might want to draw this in scale because the dpi is going to be off the charts. CPU Kill for sure. attach the original file, i might be able to get it to the 27" size. What do you plan to do with it anyway?

If I had a new scale without resizing the image, it would help me to draw the aircraft in X-Plane PlaneMaker.

It seems that Photoshop can do that. See the file below
a the time of 3mn and 45 seconds.

Then why don't we do some math and figure out the scale for you. It makes it easier. So the final is length is 812.8 cm, well dependent on the image dpi, the scale changes. Scale the dpi to 300 dpi using the method I gave you. Then post the length in cm. Then take the new length by what you need (812.8 cm) and you have your scale number. Then I guess you could input the scale into plane maker. BTW According to the video, it seems like all you have to do is to make an image with the right proportions, in other-words make a small scale version on the correct scale. It will then expand the image to fit correctly. There is no software or computer in the world that allows you to draw on a 1:1 ratio for a 27" plane with higher resolution graphics. The plane he is working on is no way a 90" long drawing. Software has its limitations and that is far beyond even photoshops.

I'm not sure I have all understood what you have written. English is not my maternal language.

1- I have created a new image in feet with 26.8 ft length and 0.00001 hight;
2- I have selected the scale and copy it as a new layer in my aircraft image;
3- I have resized the layer

At the end, I have my aircraft image with two scales: the first in pixels and the second in feets.

Thank you for your help.

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Yes; PS has a feature called Content Aware; it so happens that the research that the man who created this technology got ported to GIMP long before it was ported to Photoshop believe it or not. The cool plugin is called Liquid Rescale. Very powerful GIMP plugin is available. Click link below for details (also can find the wiki for it too if it's not already at the Registry thread). :)

Step 1: Enter the physical size of the aircraft (or the image) in the print size dialog.See

Step 2: Change the image unit in the image window status bar.

This changes the ppi value of the image and does all the math for you.

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