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real time multiuser collaboration with GIMP and verse

There is a pre-existing plugin called "verse-gimp" that uses the verse technology/protocol but it doesn't work because both verse and gimp have been updated since the hack. It allows users to edit the same file simultaneously and see the changes occur in real time.

The plugin is here:

The verse technology is part of the blender project, available here:

How can I convince a developer to resurrect this project and update the plugin to work with gimp 2.6? I'm willing to compensate the developer that does this. This functionality is important to me.

Has anyone heard of a pre-existing alternative technology that would do the same thing?

Thank you!

You may post also in the plugin board of site as and to search developers that may be interested

As now maybe would be more interesting porting to 2.8 that should be released very soon
The verse project is still alive ?

Have you tried to recompile the plugin? In other words, do you know if changes to the plugin program are required (it's use of the verse protocol or of GIMP is broken)?

It compiles for me and seems to run. It brings up a dialog, I choose the Connect button, it changes to state "connecting" but then does nothing. What should it do? Do I need to set up my own verse server?

You run a verse server using uni-verse (i don't have the URL handy right now but the binaries are on the verse page) and then use the verse-gimp plugin to connect to a verse server from gimp. The other user does the same thing, and then you're editing the same file.

I tried it with gimp 2.6 (whichever ubuntu uses out of the box) and the verse-gimp binary but in the menu the verse option was grayed out. I tried it with an old Windows Gimp 2.2 binary and the plugin would let me connect to a verse server (and my companion as well) but the image was not updated in real-time as we edited it. In fact, it didn't seem to synchronize at all.

I didn't build anything from source, I am an end user, not a developer.

What i gathered from the verse documentation is that the verse protocol/API changes quite a bit between versions and i expect that's why the verse-gimp plugin doesn't work - the verse-gimp plugin was pretty experimental to begin with, and the only version i've found is from 2007 (i think).

I'm pretty sure the verse project is still alive, i think it got an update late last year. It's part of the blender project (

thank you for sharing this! while it is discouraging right now, I will try to follow this GEGL technology closely for signs of the functionality I desire.

It's just that i really don't like the alternatives I'm forced to limp along with in the meantime \-:

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