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Wavelet Decompose tutorial for skin retouching and smoothing

I wasn't able to find a lot of information on what others workflows might be like using Wavelet Decompose to retouch skin textures in portraits (just an amazing plugin overall), so I went ahead and at least wrote up a walkthrough on how I personally approach it. I'd be interested in any feedback or comments on what I have:

Getting Around in GIMP: Skin Retouching (Wavelet Decompose)

You might want to add this tutorial to some GIMP related forums like and, where it can be appreciated more quickly and get more input and exposure.

Yeah, I already added it to a couple of different forums, but I forgot about gimpchat - thanks for that! :)

I always feel like I'm blogspamming when I post links, but I really am interested in hearing ideas and feedback.

I just figured this is the go-to source for the plugin - so it seemed logical that someone might also look here for info on how to use it.

Thanks again!

Just posted a link to your tutorial on DutchGimpers.

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