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How to write command line using GIMP

I have about 1000 images (TIF format). They range from 20-90 MB each. Some of them need to be rotated 90 degree-counterclockwise and the rest of them

need to be rotated 90 degree clockwise.
It takes FOREVER to load each image on the screen, rotate, and save them again.
Is there any other ways to process my task quicker? (Such as writing command lines and let it run w/o loading the image on the screen)
Thanks so much.
Best regards,
Cuong Hoang


There are programs which can modify the EXIF data directly to rotate your images (assuming you wish to retain the TIFF file format). Two command line tools of this type are EXIV2 and EXIFTOOL. Of course, you will need to determine whether your images need to be rotated left or right.

GIMP scripting could come in handy if you find you have to actually view each image to determine the direction of rotation, but that would be somewhat involved.

well - As a linux user I would suggest to look at imagemagick (commandline tool) and use it to convert all tifs to "thumbnails" (very small images, jpg should be enough) while preserving originals of course.
As it is command line tool, it can run in the background or over night or so..
Once you have those small images, you can open convenient file manager or similar application that previews images (so you dont need to open image by image) and quickly say which images should be rotated and which direction.
Then just script it and again, have it run in the background....

I can elaborate more if you wish....

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