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BUG: Python attachments rename with txt extension

At every attachments (forum, plugin, ...) when I upload a python file (ex., see below), then the site rename it with txt extension (

AttachmentSize KB

I would speculate the issue is your browser and OS, not the site.

Windows likes to hide extensions, and will often add the .txt to files silently.

-Rob A>

not in this case
Feca didn't try to download but to UPLOAD a py file here, and the file was renamed with a added txt extension,

Now the file is zipped, apparently was the only way to avoid the added txt postfix...

It seems weird because many other here have uploaded py plugin without hit the same problem, but is what happened

Probably happens since the last update. That's a Drupal setting, IIRC, so Ingo will have to change it.

upload, download confusion here :(

-Rob A>

I had the same thing happen in chromium-nightly on Ubuntu, which is pretty much on the other side of the spectrum :)

Yeah - it pretty much has to be a server-side rename.

BUG confirmed
and is also well know but apparently hard to fix

from user side may be solved removing the .txt extension..but the bug remain

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