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Gimp V2.8 64bit

Will there be a 64bit version offered whet V2.8 comes out?

Forums: has successfully compiled all versions of Gimp test betas, and GMIC 64 bit.
I would not worry too much about a release.
If need be just ask Partha nicely on his site comment page about compiling a version.

Keep an eye out here - for any new releases of test betas and possibly stable releases of 64 bit.
Most announcements are made may get lucky. :)
I also believe Partha reports new releases to Please do not quote me on that though as i am not positive.

I have not seen a version of Windows 64 bit released of stable Gimp ever so i would rely on those who take it to themselves to compile certain versions.

I myself will be compiling beta releases from GIT of the 2.9 series.Windows 32 bit.
I do not have a 64 bit compile environment setup so i can not do 64 bit compiles.


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