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py. files

is there any way to enable the py. files (python fu) if you did not enable on the installation on without reinstalling it on GIMP 2.6


As far as I know, no. Python has to be enabled for GIMP in order to run Python plug-ins/scripts.

@Mahvin: Scripts do not use python plugins does usually.

I was referring to Python files actually being "scripts" rather than plug-ins. Python coders say "plug-ins" is a misnomer. So, I just added both e.g. plug-ins/scripts.

I found a discussion about it here: and as you can read scripts are .scm and plugins are .exe or .py. But if you say "Python coders say "plug-ins" is a misnomer" than I'm just curious what the difference exactly is between plugins and scripts.

I'll check Gimp Chat and Gimp Talk on this question.

There is nothing extensive about this that it would warrant serious investigation. I merely referenced it as both to simplify. What I didn't do is reference it as a SCM (Scheme) file. Hanging around the Python group you'll hear (or read) Python code being called a script or plug-in.

As always, SCM files are scripts and go in the .gimp-2.6/scripts folder and Python files (.py) go in .gimp-2.6/plug-ins.

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