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Compiling a List!

Post what you think are the TOP 25 GIMP SCRIPT-FU and PLUGIN's available here! Will compile an averaged list of the top 25 as suggested by users in the forums! Good Postings and Happy New Year (Early!)!

An Easy way to do this is to Write down the TOP Scripts/Plugins/ETC. that you use in almost every image you mix/create/edit/etc.
Write is down as a list
1. NAME - (link if possible)
2. ETC.

For plugins, G'MIC is king imo:

My favorite Script-fu which I use almost in every edit that I do is Luma Invert:

I agree with GMIC. While not trying to be an A$$ about it, I am trying to create an ultimate list of the top Scripts and Plugins.
So lets try and keep it in a list fashion.
2. etc.......

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