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Angling Patterns

Hello all GIMP users :)

I've just signed up to the forums, and first, I want to thank the producers of GIMP, it's an amazing programme, and does most of the things the expensive programmes do. *cough*photoshop CS5*cough*.

And now I want to ask a question, When you use a pattern (e.g over a text) Is there a way that you can have it at a certain angle? If not, does anyone know where I can download new patterns from please? :)

Thanks all

~ Pokeguyx

If I understand your question correctly, you can use the shear and perspective tools to angle a pattern layer over text. Your pattern layer would need to be separate from the text layer if you only want the pattern to change. There are other ways you can angle the pattern as well. Do you have an example of what you are asking for?

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