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What happened to my WebP plugin?

I created a WebP plugin for the Gimp and listed it here ( This plugin received a considerable amount of feedback and was used by quite a few people.

Now the page does not seem to exist. What happened to it? You can view an archive of the page here:

I'll email Ingo and inquire about this. In the meantime, can you re-add the plug-in to the Registry?

After looking at the log files, I can confirm that up until the 3rd of December this page existed and had quite a number of access each day.

Then, in the early morning of the 3rd, someone reported the page to Mollom (our spam service). This is something that only an administrator can do, and there are not many of them. Unfortunately I can't tell who it was anymore, because that information isn't kept this log (incidentally, I have increased log retention for this kind of stuff, it was really low before). Maybe the administrator in question can step forward?

Because of the spam report, the page was deleted. That is really unfortunate and I'm very sorry, but it cannot be reversed now, other than going back to the backups, and fishing this one database entry out of it, which is quite a bit of work. From the archived version of the plugin page, it looks to me as if you could easily recreate the page based on the archive, though. Would you do that?

If it was any one of us, I'm certain it couldn't have been intentional. I have no recollection of ever reporting this page to Mollom, even "accidentally". I'm sort of baffled because all my spam reporting is done on a user level, never on an entire page (unless the original page is a spam posting).

Obviously the links under the post offers the same Mollom options as found with individual user comments, but that process isn't an instant delete. You would be prompted a second time asking if you're sure.

That's okay - these things can happen. I will repost it shortly when I have the chance. Thanks for the explanation.

I haven't done much administrative work for ages, and certainly not this month.

But there's something else that bothers me: has anyone looked at the comment Approval queue recently? There are a lot of comments in there, mostly written by unverified users. Some of that is spam, but the majority seem to be valid comments.

Who is able to see those at all? E.g. what's the most recent comment in ?

I see them. But in the Admin section, it doesn't show (at least not for me) whether the author is unverified or not. I have to look them up in the Users section (or read each and every comment) and make judgement calls on whether they are spam or not, judging by their sign up information they provide (bogus email accounts, etc.).

I realize this is off-topic here, but the thing is, more and more spammers are duplicating entire comments from elsewhere in the thread and trying to embed links in them, most times unsuccessfully, but any other time, it's very hard to discern what's genuine vs spam. I block spammers. Deleting them only puts the user id back in the system to be re-used at a later point.

It's quite possible that I am the one who reported the WebP post to Mollom by clicking on the wrong link, in the wrong Admin location. I just don't remember doing it, otherwise I would have brought attention to it. I'm certainly not out to get anyone.

I'll just practice being more aware of what I am clicking from this point on.

For sure was no intentional
I was searching few days ago the plugin in the registry and i was baffled to have no results

Please repost the plugin

The plugin has been reposted here:

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