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Function gimp-dodgeburn

I need a little help to use the function "gimp-dodgeburn" or "gimp-dodgeburn-default" I do not understand how the "Strokes."
If possible i would like a practical example.


The following code will paint a DODGE stroke from the upper-left corner of the 'layer' to its lower-right.

(let ((x1 0)
      (y1 0)
      (x2 (car (gimp-drawable-width layer)))
      (y2  (car (gimp-drawable-height layer))) )
  (gimp-dodgeburn layer 
                  DODGE ;; or BURN 
                  MIDTONES ;; or SHADOWS or HIGHLIGHTS
                  4 ; number of coordinates
                  (vector x1 y1 ;; first point 
                          x2 y2 ;; second point
  ) ; end of LET

Thanks man. Now getting a greater understanding of this function. Vlw

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