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Scripts For Ebook Cover Editing And Design

Hi, I hope you all are having s good day. I would like to know if anyone could tell me if there are any scripts or plugins available for making or editing ebook covers in GIMP? If so where can i find them?

the nice thing about standards is, that there are so many to choose from. What file format are the ebooks?

greetings Ruediger

Hi Ruediger,
thanks for your response. I'm not sure I understand what you are asking. The ebooks themselves are in a basic PDF fomat. I would like to know if there is a plugin or script for gimp to create, design ebook covers from scratch? Say simular to a PSD .ATN file or script?

If you or anyone else here in the forum would know of any please let me know. :)

Thank you again
Tony S

Aren't most ebook "covers" just jpeg images?

Not sure why a script or any such thing would be necessary - what are you actually looking for this script to do?

-Rob A>

the person wants Rob is a script to create the illusion or depth of a book.
Something like the Boxshot software does.

Thank You wacmaster so much for the clarification, that is exactly what I am searching for. I could not have explained it better myself. Is there any such plugin or script that will do this application that is compatable with GIMP?

Thank You,
Tony S

If you got an existing PDF, find out which page size the PDF has. Normally you can find out in the File menu of your PDF viewer/editor under Properties. For example if you got 210 x 297 mm your newly created image should have the same size with approx. 300 dpi (to ensure a good quality when printing). When you're done with your image you should save this pic as JPG. Next you have to replace the old pic in the PDF with the new pic you've made and that's possible by various PDF editing tools.

greets Ruediger

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