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I am just starting using Gimp and I am trying hard to, ( how should I say, i am french ) mix 2 photos together like a picture of somebody and over it, a copy of text ( part of a book I scanned ) I try masks??? altough I succeed in openig the 2 pictures, i can't trigger the action...I mean what am I supposed to do to finalize my new composed picture??? i can,t find any icon to enter??? is thai clear?? tahnks


is black text on a white background you can simply place the text layer on top and the image in the layer below.
Above the layers dialog is a drop down menu.Those are your layer modes.Select the top text layer and set the mode for it to multiply. OR
Select the top layer and go to Colors>Color to Alpha and select white (by default it already is).
That will make your text have transparency around it.

If you have text on a textured background try to select just the text with the color select tool in the toolbox and go to Select > Invert
Then go to Edit>Clear

That will clear all but the text,

Hope that helps.


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