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I want English !

Hello everyone - I am a new member so apologize if this is not in the right section or forum
I am living in France but American native. When I install gimp it automatically puts it in French.
I would like it in English as mode tutuorials refer to the english words.
can anyone help me get it in English
thanks very much in advance


More information needed.

For now I assume you are using Windows XP (other window versions act similar).

Open control panel --> system --> (tab) advanced --> environment variables: add a new system variables LANG with the value us (screenshot:,1479.msg11159.html#msg1...).

Or look here: It's in Dutch but you will understand it.

Much appreciate you getting back. I starting looking at what to do but admit it is a bit over my head at my level of PC knowledge. As explained above my son figured out a trick that worked which is reinstalling it then unticking the translation box in the customize area.
Thanks again for taking the time to get back.

Since version 2.7.2 the language change takes place - under the option program,
Edit-> Preferences-> Interface-> Language

Thank you very much I couldnt find the downloadable version of 2.7.2. On the other hand my son managed to figure it out. i uninstalled it then when reinstalling it he clicked customize during the installation process and unclicked the box Translations.
Thanks very much for getting back.

Oh, there is german to... Thanks

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