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Background Remover

Im new to GIMP and previous to GIMP i was using Coral Paint shop pro. There where a few tools it had that i was wondering if GIMP had something similar such as the Background Remover add-on and the Majic Wond selector tool. Can someone tell me how to access or render similar behavior.

Gimp's background/foreground extraction tool is called SIOX. It is not comparable to some shareware tools like Vertus Fluid Mask, which in my opinion is the best extraction tool. But You can still achieve good results with SIOX. From what I recall using Corel's built-in extractor in Photo-Paint, SIOX is on-par with it.
Here's more about it:
There is also a free plugin called GML Matting 0.3 (windows only), which You can find by googling. It is older version of now shareware GrowCut.
For simple extraction You can use magic wand (Fuzzy selection tool) just like in most editors. Play with threshold, antialiasing & feather to get desired results.

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