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i`m sorry, G`Mic and Mac OS X


i try to get G`Mic running on Mac OS X since 2 days ;-(
i found lots of posts from mac users with the same problem.
i have installed it here :

/Users/myusername/Library/Application\ Support/Gimp/plug-ins/gmic

and i get the following message:

Last login: Tue Oct 11 06:57:35 on console
/Users/myusername/Library/Application\ Support/Gimp/plug-ins/gmic\ 2 ; exit;
my-Mac-Pro:~ myusername$ /Users/myusername/Library/Application\ Support/Gimp/plug-ins/gmic\ 2 ; exit;
dyld: Library not loaded: /opt/local/lib/libX11.6.dylib
Referenced from: /Users/myusername/Library/Application Support/Gimp/plug-ins/gmic 2
Reason: image not found
Trace/BPT trap
[Prozess beendet]

plaese, any ideas how to get this running ?

OK, i get it ;-)

i have installed this file, while i have a 64bit system:

this don`t work here (why ever).

then i have installed this file:

which also don`t work.

finally this file does the trick for me:

but why are there 3 different files and why does the 64 bit version don`t work ?

mh ??

Adding G'MIC to Mac OS X 10.6.7

1. Download G'MIC for your OS from specified link.

2. Go to Home Folder users/library/application support/gimp/plug-ins and add gmic to plug-in folder

3. Open GIMP and go to edit /preferences/folders/plug-ins.

In the right hand pane at the top you will see five contol icons. Click the far left icon (sheet of paper with the corner folded down). This will activate the type-in field to the right of the control icons. To the right of the type-in field there is a folder icon. Click and browse your file system and select your equivalent of /Users/akkadia2/Library/Application Support/Gimp/plug-ins (In point of actual fact when I did it that was already in that line, so all I had to do was click ok and BINGO!!)

Click OK at bottom right of the preferences dialog. Restart GIMP and GMIC should appear in the 'Filters' menu

This is my own tutorial and it works I know because I have done this myself and use G'MIC often.

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